April 7, 2009

Employer Improvements for Hiring Workflow

First off, thank you to every one for continuing to use Find Touch! Your feedback has been behind our success all along and now, based on feedback from a number of you, we have made yet another improvement I would like to let you know about:

Email notifications to job applicants are now optional

Previously, when you clicked the Hire or Eliminate action button next to any candidate for one of your jobs, two things would happen. The candidate would be categorized accordingly (as hired or eliminated from consideration) based on the action button you clicked and also Find Touch would send out a courtesy email notification on your behalf letting candidates know of your decision.

You let us know that you wanted to have the option whether an email was sent to an applicant when you click the Hire or Eliminate action next to their name and we have provided this option. Now you can organize and categorize your job applicants, at any time, without worrying about unwanted email communication. At the same time, you still have the time-saving convenience of having Find Touch send a notice on your behalf so you can manage your hiring activities most efficiently.

Keep enjoying Find Touch and keep your feedback coming!

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