February 24, 2014

What We Massage Therapists Know…

Recently in looking for an associate to assist in my practice, I interviewed a bunch of massage therapists with ample experience. I thought I would offer a good step-up to private practice to people who wanted to move in that direction. I looked for experience because I wanted people who understood the economics and challenges of massage practice. The resumes were pretty interesting. 

One resume listed athletes the person had massaged. That’s it. 

I did ask for credentials. People told me they were licensed in my state. We don’t have a state license.

Or they could get it if required, along with insurance. Tell me, how had they worked in the field thus far without the basics?

As I weeded through the applicants, I tried interviewing a few by phone. One hung up when I explained that I would pay minimum wage//click//plus piece-work for massages performed.

I was getting a little bummed out. Then I found someone who I thought was great in person, on the phone and in resume. There was only one problem. She did not want to work on any of the days/shifts I could make available. Turns out she was burned out on her spa job and did not want to take on any more massage time. 

Why was she answering my ad, I thought.


Back to the drawing board.