October 31, 2008

Is Your Communication Feeling Blocked Lately? Check this out...

So, my thought process today, well actually this week, has been a lot about relationship building and how to ensure that those relationships you've been building are positive and healthy.

As we all know with our profession, it is important to have balance in our lives in order to be more energetically available for our clients and in turn make us feel more energized in our personal lives. While these thoughts have been rolling around in my mind today like a bunch of tumbleweeds I came across this flyer that I've been holding on to. Guess what it is about?

Well, the title is actually "Dealing with Difficult Clients" but the underlying truth of what this class is referring to...the ultimate bottom line is Non-violent Communication. This flyer which I hold happens to be outdated, but I decided to check out the website anyways: hollyeckert.com/.

What I found out is she has a free intro on Nov. 14th if anybody is interested in going. I will post more details on the community forum. Thought I would share, I don't know if it's the summer/fall (all of a sudden winter) transition or what... but you know the deep thoughts are coming on strong.

If anybody else has any thoughts or ideas or book recommendations on building positive, open and healthy relationships...do share! Have a great weekend!

Michelle B, LMP

October 23, 2008

What is Your Favorite Pumpkin Patch?

So, today I was thinking...how can I make this blog more interesting? What do we LMPs want to read about, really? Of course it is lovely to hear about various aspects of the massage community, and I love to keep everyone in the loop as well as share positive information, but today I've chosen to take a break from all that and talk about pumpkin patches for a minute. My neighbor, whether she realizes it or not, totally inspired me!

Have you ever even been to a pumpkin patch? Yesterday was my first time, and let me tell you...I'm so glad I went! It was as if yesterday's motto was..."Take it easy", as traffic was a bit on the slow side, but sometimes it really is necessary to remove yourself from everyone else's hustle and bustle and take it slow, right? Although I surprisingly enough didn't even hear one single Eagles song on the radio...I just continued to think to myself "Take it Eeeeaasy".

I'm guessing you might be wondering where in the heck this mysterious pumpkin patch could be, not to mention where this write up is going, don't mind if I eeeaase into it do you? Okay, so the pumpkin patch, Fall City Farms, yep, that's right...Fall City. Have you been? I highly recommend it, for the drive alone is worth it. The leaves are changing right now, so it really is the perfect time, and if you're in the mood for a hike, you just so happen to be on your way to Snoqualmie Falls!

Now, I'm going to let you have the experience on your own, but I will tell you, it is a small, family operation, and if you need to get in touch with your country roots, go out there and pick yourself out a pumpkin! If I could make one recommendation, it would be to stop and visit the cute teenage cow that greets you on your way in...she really loves and appreciates massages. She even gives you a thank you moo on your way out:)

Thanks for letting me be random today! Have a happy halloween!

Michelle B, LMP

**If you have a favorite pumpkin patch or halloween idea. We would love to hear your comments!

Fall City Farms link: http://www.fallcityfarms.com/