March 18, 2008

Find Touch Announces an Even More Recent Release!!

Hello, I hope everyone has been enjoying the website, especially with the magnificent changes we made back in February thanks to your input!

As it turns out, there were a couple of requests that didn’t quite make it to the previous upgrade, so yes, we have released once again with a few adjustments you will hopefully find quite useful!

For the previous release, we added the opportunity to “View Details” before applying to a position, which has helped tremendously for the accidental applications, but what if you apply for a job, then realize the it doesn’t fit into your schedule? You now have the option to “E-mail” the Employer with any last minute adjustments or questions directly from the Job Details screen.

Speaking of E-mails, we have also added the option to “Refer a Friend”. When you come across an opportunity that seems perfect for a friend of yours, you can invite them to apply with the click of a button. This feature is also available from the Job Details screen.

Another fantastic option we have added is the opportunity to view the job details directly from the Log-in screen prior to logging in! This way, you can see if anything catches your eye before logging in. You will only be prompted to log in if you decide to apply.

You may have noticed you’ve been receiving the Job Digest automatically. We hope you are enjoying viewing the jobs that match the information in your profile. If, for some reason you would like to stop receiving the Job Digest, you can do so by logging in, updating your profile, then un-checking the box in Personal Information.

Thank you for all the positive feedback we've been receiving. Enjoy the new features and have a wonderful day!

Michelle B, LMP
Business Specialist