February 26, 2008

New Features with Latest Version of Find Touch!

Hello fellow Massage Therapists. Most of you have had the chance to log on since we updated our website early February, which is great! Have you noticed the bonus features we have added thanks to the input from our early-bird users? For those who haven’t spent much time on Find Touch yet I would like to summarize what’s new:

1. New “Availability” settings
It’s become pretty clear that some want to be very prominent with Employers while others prefer to remain behind the scenes, checking out opportunities occasionally. So the new Availability tab allows you to set your status to either:
  • Active - allows your profile to be searchable by employers and keeps you in the loop of jobs available.

  • Selective - set up your availability on a calendar, you will only find out about jobs within the days you’ve selected.

  • Unavailable - your profile will not be viewed by employers, yet you can still apply to jobs you find appealing and stay in the loop of jobs available.

2. Daily Job Matches Email
This is a very exciting addition to the site which we’ve already received great response! An e-mail fitting the modalities and travel preference on your profile will be sent to you to notify you of opportunities that may be of interest. You may want to update your profile to expand the listings that are sent your way. Also, if you do not wish to receive a daily email, you can uncheck the box in your personal information when you update your profile.

3. Enhanced Therapist Profile
New information to your Profile includes *Licensing and Credentialing* which gives you an edge when Employers are considering different candidates. If you are actively looking for extra income and applying for jobs, you’ll definitely want to add this information to your profile.

4. Viewing Job Details
Since many of you commented that it was too easy to apply for jobs accidentally, we have made some changes. By clicking on a job title you can now view details of the job before applying to it, what a concept huh?

5. Logging in to your Account
I have received questions from some LMPs about how to log in. Please note that if you are receiving emails from Find Touch this means that you already have an account set up with us and you can log in using the email at which we are contacting you. If you don’t know your password or can’t find your temporary password, just get in touch with us at "service [AT] findtouch [DOT] com"

Please keep the feedback flowing, pass along word about Find Touch to your friends and enjoy the spring!!

Michelle B, LMP.
Business Specialist