July 11, 2008

Have You Considered Sporting Events?

From time to time I too enjoy seeking out job opportunities that fit my schedule in the Find Touch world! I feel so fortunate I was able to recently take on the Ironman Triathlon in Lake Stevens with Century Sports Massage Team!

This event was such a pleasant surprise! As a matter of fact I had no idea I was in for such a treat...I was able to have fun, make money, work outside (in a tent) with a wonderful group of massage therapists and relax during down time! I contribute this to the incredibly organized operation and the team atmosphere!

If you are into an environment full of good energy (and a little bit of sweat:) while offering sports massage to those hard working athletes, I would definitely recommend opportunities with Century Sports Massage Team!

If you have had a nice experience with any employer in the Seattle area, please share by sending an e-mail to: service@findtouch.com or calling: 206-419-9889

Thanks for tuning in...enjoy the sunshine!