December 9, 2007

Getting Visibility on FindTouch as an LMP

First off,

thanks to all the wonderful massage therapists around Seattle that have already started using Find Touch for extra work opportunities. It's so exciting to see this service taking off and to be learning from you.

While it's still early on, we have also heard back from Employers on what they look for in considering who to hire for their temp jobs. So I am sharing this feedback below
  1. A photo. Hiring managers say they are 'more comfortable' with candidates where they can put a face together with the background info.
  2. Work History. This is a must. If you leave this information out, intended or not, it may be perceived by employers that you are hiding information. So take a minute to list your relevant work experience.
  3. Educational History. CEUs give employers confidence in where your bodywork interest or expertise really lie - spa work, energy work, working with athletes, or treatment/medical massage, etc... Make sure to highlight your CEUs. Also, list your collegiate or advanced degrees. These make you stand out.

So there you go. These are the top 3 things Employers look at when deciding who to work with. Hope this is helpful!

- Lara

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