July 11, 2013

Frequent Fliers and Massage Therapy

Folks who travel for vacations complain the most about the plane ride home – they are tired, often sunburned and a bit depressed that the dream vacation is over.

Many clients book massages during their vacations, but forget about dealing with the stress and fatigue of the trip home.

That’s why I have recommended people get a jet lag massage post-vacation.

We book it in advance for the day after they return, (air travel isn’t always timely these days) and I plan on spending a lot of the massage time trying to relax the nervous system and flush the lymphatic system.
The post-vacation massage seems to be helpful in getting rid of the blues and trip tiredness. I also enjoy hearing a bit about the vacation, as most of my clients `take much more exciting trips than I do.
Clients are often surprised by how much better they feel. It helps them get enough energy together to unpack, clean up and get ready for work again.

So I suggest more massage therapists offer the post-travel massage. It is a wonderful way to reconnect with clients and serves their needs well.


Aaron Surin said...

Massage therapy is very good treatment for the old pain. It also gives full relaxation to your body and mind.

Aaron |
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Martin Winslow said...

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Massage Therapy said...

There are so many benefits of massage therapy likes:
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