June 8, 2013

Massage Me, Massage My Dog

 Dogs love me, and I love dogs. Cats love me, and I love them too. When this massage therapist does house calls, I suddenly find myself surrounded by four-legged fans.
I didn’t mean to, but I have managed to train all of my house clients’ domesticated beasties to expect a mini-massage when I get in the door.
It started with golden retrievers, irresistible big dogs with soulful eyes. Now the list includes Siamese, calicoes, mutts and Cairns. I really don’t mind, sort of, because they are such good animals and love to lean on me and get all glossy-eyed.
Animals instinctively love massage, which shows their superior tastes and energies as far as I am concerned. Nothing in the world beats a good belly rub, be it a dog or feline. People who don’t like tummy massage should learn from their pets.
It struck me by surprise, but I recently learned from a client that she knew I was the one massage therapist for her family when the dog liked me. Apparently dogs and cats are a screening method for more than just boyfriends and future in-laws.
Once I have passed the pet-TSA, I get invited to pet-pat, pet-sit and pet-feed. My book is a little too full to take on many of these offers, but I do appreciate them as a sort of badge of acceptance.
I have made the occasional exception. A married couple brought in their new foundling, a micro-chihuahua who barely weighs one pound. They hadn’t been able to get to the movies for a few weeks, as the little guy is being dropper-fed and is way too little to leave near their big dogs.
They went to the flicks and I got the little carry-bag with the pee pads, special vitamins and puppy-food mix. I put his nibs on my shoulder and the little guy immediately snuggled into my shirt and stayed there. My little implant. 

Last week I asked a client if I could take his cutie-pie terrier home. He looked at me in surprise. 

“Take me instead,” he said. I replied: “Do you roll over and put your hands and feet in the air?”

“I can learn,” he said.
Another lesson gleaned from our companions.


Anonymous said...
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Tiffany said...

Very Cute! Tiffany- Jackiewoods.org

Tiffany said...

Very Cute!

Anonymous said...

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