November 2, 2010

Word about Politics.. and Massage

It is surely obvious to most therapists in the massage world for more than five minutes that two subjects are never discussed or commented on during one’s precious break – and one of them is politics.

And I admit to being one of those massage therapists who manages to say “Mmmmm” if someone comes in all wound up because life as we know it will end Nov. 2, largely because as a group we are too stupid to get the “common sense” and “plain truth” of important matters.

It is important to think and vote, but not on the massage table. I’d much rather folks epiphanies be about the connection between use of the diaphragm and reducing neck pain, for instance, than some fear-wracked prediction of Armageddon and asteroids after the school board vote.

Indeed, this has been a fun season for folks to get all worked up about things. Times are tough, money is tight and usually busy people have more time to listen to talk radio.

One of my favorite clients, a fellow who spent the last 50 years of his life building things from the chaparral up, is convinced that we are driving over a cliff in flames. His voice not much muffled by the face cradle, he announced that all Americans should be learning a certain foreign language because that’s our new overseers will require us to speak when we serve them.

I felt that table shake, a sign to me surely that his blood pressure rose. He gave me a sample of the vocabulary he often used while building suburbs and cities. I was impressed at how he cleaned up some favorite expressions to be more suitable for mixed company, although I think we can all change the consonants in our heads without much trouble.

“What in tar-nation is going on with this country? We can’t do a darn thing right so let’s add some more things the government can royally buck up? People just don’t have any common sense!”

“Mmmmm,” I said.

Yes, it worked once again. He settled down, hopefully into a waking dream about huffing bellows and steel furnaces turning into cool mountain streams and crisp autumn air.

After his massage, I handed him a glass of water and broke my rule.

“When your Dad was the age you are now, what were his political views?”

“Heck, he thought Harry Truman was the Anti-Christ!’ he said “He did!”

“Mmmmm” we both said, in unison..

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