May 26, 2010

Virusly Yours

I'm not one to whine - except in this space - and I have been floundering in computer virus hell for nearly a month. Cesar, the techie not the general, finally brought my computer back today and after some standard confusion, I'm at the keyboard again.

Which is to say I'm at a crossroads. I'd gotten used to just checking emails. I haven't looked at my facebook stuff in ages. The pictures from Uncle Augie's 90th birthday party are still in the camera. I haven’t updated this and that, and I seem to be just fine. I got my news from the paper, my funny jokes at the salon.

So why do we need these things anyway? My clients got to enjoy the unique experience of my business cards with hot pink strip across the top, a mistake that I cringed at when it happened. That sage green graphic summoning calm serenity was kind of boring, eh? The hot pink business cards, that I had to use when the regular ones were all gone, kind of shook things up a bit.

Plainly, these computer things are here to stay. I haven’t been able to do a bunch of things that I really love to do, and most importantly, being without a computer with the bells and whistles does affect your massage practice.

The database hasn’t been updated. My tips page needs new stuff. I haven’t sent the quickie, inexpensive emails I like to send to missing clients. A reminder card costs from 50 cents to a dollar to send. Emails cost less than half a penny.

Oh, and the blog. I wanted to share a few things that came up recently, and I’ve been feeling a bit stifled.

Guess we do need computers after all. Like the telephone, they can get annoying but we depend on them nonetheless.

P.S. If you get a warning box to activate your anti-virus software because of a bad, bad virus, just shut the machine down right away. It’s a phony warning that turns your hard drive into a planter.


Lynna Dunn said...

I just had this funny thought when you said you were "at the crossroads" that in folklore, the crossroads is often where you meet the Devil :-) And viruses are certainly devilish . . .

Anonymous said...

I love the image of a computer turning into a planter. Except that I hope it doesn't happen to mine!

sue peterson said...

Sometimes it seems like my computer is just a big notebook I forgot and left out in the rain....on the roof of the car...written in felt pen...and i see the runny pages float by the rear window when I take off....