October 16, 2009

Tough Sheets Update

Well, the experiment with Bamboo and cotton yarn sheets, I am happy to report, is going quite well.

Earlier I wrote about how much I loved the light, silky yet warm feel of 100-percent bamboo yarn sheets, and how my clients appreciated them as well. Then, alas, after a few washings the yarn developed little pinholes and I had to retire them. Also, the bottom sheets were too tight for my double-stuff massage table. Luckily, I had only bought four sets, all on sale.

Now, several weeks after purchasing one set of 50/50 bamboo and cotton yarn sheets, I am pleased to report they are surviving the washing machine. The blend sheets have an advantage over all-cottons because they are more naturally anti-microbial. They also fit a regular or double-stuff table much better than my original selection.

They don’t have as much of the silky feeling of 100 percent bamboo, but they do hold up tons better than the all-bamboo sheets.

Blended sheets also have a hidden benefit for us therapists in private practice. You can fit twice as many sheet sets in a washer than with regular flannel massage sheets. Compared to twin sheet flannels I occasionally use, they take up a LOT LESS room in the wash. Anytime I can reduce the number of laundry loads and time spent folding is great news!

The clients, well, they aren’t as impressed with the blend. The effervescent endorsements I got for the all-bamboo sheets have yielded to simple “yeah, they are OK” type comments. I am waiting for the industry to catch up with us in the massage business and come out with a different weave or higher thread count so I can use 100-percent bamboo once again….

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