March 29, 2009

Advanced Myofascial Techniques Workshops

On April 25th and 26th, Til Luchau and Larry Koliha, instructors at the Rolfing Institute, will be teaching Advanced Myofascial Techniques (Neck, Jaw and Head) in Portland. You have four days left (until April 2nd) to get the early-bird discount of $295 (normally $315). You can get even more of a discount if you sign up for the entire 5-course series of weekend workshops, which leads to a certification in Advanced Myofascial Techniques.

And they'll be in Seattle for Spine, Ribs and Low Back on May 2nd and 3rd. They're coming back to both Seattle and Portland in July and September. The early-bird registration discount is good until April 9th.

I took two of their workshops a couple of years ago. One of my concerns, having experienced Rolfing back in the 1970's, was that the work would be extremely deep and invasive, to the point of pain. I had a lot to learn. As Til and Larry told me, Rolfing has evolved, and if done properly, should not be painful. What I was exposed to were very slow, very specific, very delicious techniques that can integrate well into almost any type of massage.

Indirect myofascial release, Charlotte Stuart ...

Rather than going into a long description, check out these Advanced Myofascial Techniques YouTube videos and see for yourself what this work involves. Note: The image on the right is by Wonderlane via Flickr.

Anterior Neck/Shoulder Differentiation

Interosseus Membrane

Posterior Cervical Wedge Technique

You can also attend a free 90-minute slide show and course introduction. If you're interested, email to get more info.

To register for the workshops or get more info, go to

I highly recommend this workshop series. If you take it, please comment on your experience!

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