December 14, 2008

Find Touch update adds Convenience for Massage Employers

We have some exciting news! We have just finished updating our website and we made it much more convenient for those of you hiring through Find Touch. Specifically…

New My Candidates area for Employers
In the past, in order to view contact information for a therapist that applied to one of their jobs, Employers had to search through each job, one at a time. It’s now easy to view and search through all job applicants, past and present, using the new My Candidates screen.

Notes about Candidates
Employers can now keep private notes about candidates during the hiring process and beyond. These notes are easy to view and edit directly from the Job Details screen for any job and also from the My Candidates screen.

Enhanced Employer Profile
Many Employer members of the Find Touch community wanted to include their own logo and links to other web pages in their profile in order to provide additional information about the business to potential job applicants. This is now possible for those with the right type of subscription plan. Please contact us for specifics if you are interested in this feature.

All members of the Find Touch community now gain a little more insight about the activity related to their account. Employers can see how many views their job has received since it was opened to gauge the effectiveness of their job ad. Therapists can learn about the businesses that have recently viewed their profile to see if they are drawing the desired level of interest.

Thanks to all of you for great feedback. Our goal is to make Find Touch useful for both massage therapists and employers, and with your help, we’ve just achieved another milestone on that path. As of today, there are 950 therapist members in the Find Touch community. Over 120 companies posted jobs with Find Touch in the past year. With extensive coverage of the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area, Find Touch is expanding to Portland – and soon, to more US cities. Please spread the word!

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