November 30, 2008

The Spa...for the woman who cares - Bothell

So, I must start off by letting you know that Joyce from this spa has been a huge supporter of the Find Touch community from day one and I am so glad I finally got to meet her in person and visit her spa!

A bit of background on "The Spa... for the woman who cares". It started about 7 years ago with the idea that women can come relax, hang out and totally pamper themselves...all day if they wanted to! Over the last couple of years, Joyce's spa has grown into a bigger space and she took the opportunity to do some remodeling. Now, I didn't see the spa prior to the remodel, but the feeling I get from it now is spacious, yet cozy, and definitely relaxing. Maybe it was the ambiance of the fireplace in the corner... Oh how I do love a fireplace!

You will find a nice waiting room here with a waterfall along with water available for the clients. There are 2 massage rooms available of a decent size conveniently located by the waiting area. Joyce herself is an esthetician and keeps very busy with her clients throughout the day. She also takes the time to pamper those guests who choose the all day spa package... these are some of the times she looks to Find Touch for a massage therapist to fill in. Her concept is more along the lines of a wellness spa. She prefers to use all-natural products and is very in tune with the needs of her clients.

Joyce is currently looking for a more permanent massage therapist of the independant mindset who enjoys marketing themselves and understands the difference between being an employee and an independent contractor. She would ideally like a massage therapist who takes ownership of their position and pride in their work environment. She cannot guarantee a set amount of clients and is hoping for someone who either already has clients to bring with them or who is interested in building and maintaining a clientele from scratch. She offers an excellent commission split and a lovely spa to practice in!

If you have excellent communication skills, enjoy caring for others and feel like the qualities described above fit you, please contact Joyce at: thespaforthewoman [at] verizon [dot] net, or apply through Find Touch.

Have a lovely day!

Michelle B, LMP
service [at] findtouch [dot] com

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