August 25, 2008

CEU Update!

Here are some upcoming opportunities for CEUs along with an opportunity to work with the Reiki Fellowship in October for those who are interested!

Provided by: The Hands That Heal Center for the Healing Arts...

"How to do Groovy Neck Work"
Sept. 13 (Saturday) 10am-3pm **Therapeutic, Headache and Whiplash Workshop

"How to Run a $1000 Weekend Seated Massage Event
Sept. 13 (Saturday) 3pm-7pm

"Nooks and Crannies"
Sept. 14 (Sunday) 10am-2pm **Illio-Psoas, Sub-Scap, Piriformis, Adductors

"Manifesting an Amazing Massage Busines Today!"
Sept. 14 (Sunday) 3pm-7pm **Achieve Your Business Goals, Dreams and Desires

**About the workshops-
  • Each workshop has a muscle review and time to practice the new treatment strokes on other class participants
  • Each 4 hour class fee is $100 with 4 CEU's available upon successful course completion
  • Take all 4 classes in the full 2 day "Make It Work For You" workshop

CPR/ First Aid Recertification class

Sept. 28th (Sunday) 1pm-5pm $60

You may e-mail Pamela directly to find out more about these CEUs:

Pamela RapiƱan NCTMB-LMP,CSH 206-501-6608

**The Reiki Fellowship will be sharing at the "Alive Expo-Lynnwood Convention Center"

Dates: Nov. 8 and Nov. 9

Registration: You may find out more information in regards to joining the Reiki Fellowship at:

If you know of other interesting opportunities and learning experiences to share with the massage community, I will be happy to pass them along. You can also share by posting a comment to this blog!

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bcb said...

What great information, Michelle. If I were a LMT, I would definitely want to check those out! : )