October 31, 2007

Ready-to-use SOAP charts for your massage practice

So I got a question in my email and I wanted to share my answer as it contains information that could be useful to many therapists.

The question that was posed to me is "Do you know of where I could find clean SOAP charts to use in my practice?" This is great. I figured if one person has a question like this then there are definitely others who are wondering about the same thing.

An exceptional resource is a book out there called Hands Heal by Diana Thompson. (3rd Edition) The great thing about this book is that if you are unsure or do not have the SOAP charting skills you would like to have, she teaches you how to SOAP chart and gives you great examples of all kinds. Examples range from a treatment oriented SOAP to chair massage SOAP's to wellness and spa SOAP's. You will definitely have all your bases covered if you are using this book.

But you're probably wondering, "Well, that's great, Julie, but where are the forms to be found?" To answer this, I will say that Diana has included a CD-ROM that has the forms on it. She's also given full permission for you to take these forms and make them your own. Yes, that's right all you have to do is print the appropriate form and add your header and logo to the top. She makes it easy!

Hope that is information is useful to you. I do wonder also, how many therapists are out there that have actually taken continuing education about SOAP charting? I know that I've had the opportunity because I am an instructor in massage but what about the rest of you out there?
Is SOAP charting a priority to include in our practice? Would love your take on this subject!


LyndenMomof2 said...

The Hands Heal book is awesome, I have been out of school over 3 years and I still refer to this book. It is an awesome resourse to add to your massage library. The forms are easily adapted to fit your business. I have not taken any additional continuing education on SOAP charting because as of yet I have not felt the need to. Maybe in a few years to get all the updates I will but so far I have not had any questions on my SOAPs when they have been submitting for billing.

Jamaica said...

I am still in school and Hand Heal is the book that we are using. It is user friendly and has lots of blank form that you can use and/or customize.

Anonymous said...

here is what I found just by googling massage SOAP chart, you can save website or save it better to your computer http://www.massagenerd.com/massage_pictures/SOAP%20Chart%20Massage/

Jonathan said...

Thanks for this post! I just finished massage school and think this book will be a perfect resource. And I can use my gift card I just got for Christmas!